Saturday, July 18, 2015

Building your PLN

PLN you say? Another acronym, what does this mean? PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. Don't worry, before this semester I had no idea what that meant either so don't be so hard on yourself.
Imagine yourself when you started your first teaching job. Like me, you probably had nothing to bring from home other than yourself and all your excitement and energy. Once you got into your classroom and the door was shut, you probably panicked a bit thinking now what do I do. Next,  you prayed that someone around you would be kind enough to check on you and see how your day is going. That person would then be your saving grace, the person you would go to every time something went wrong or surprisingly right.

Fast forward 15 years, now you are an established teacher, the one who is checking on the new teacher to make sure he or she is surviving their first day, week, or month. The one who teachers come to ask questions and hope to get a quick answer from. So who are you learning from all these years? After awhile, you begin to realize you want to learn more than what you learn from your weekly sight meetings. So you begin to reach out, reach out to the WORLD that is. You get connected with Twitter, Teaching Channel, Facebook and various other networking sites to get more. Once you start browsing, searching and tweeting you realize how much the rest of the world has to offer. You are pleasantly surprised and so glad you are not alone in this amazing profession called TEACHING!

What are some steps you are taking to building your PLN?

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