Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vimeo vs. Youtube

I decided to compare Vimeo and Youtube so readers can have an alternate to using Youtube if they see Vimeo's features more suiting to their needs. Personally, I have had some issues over the years with playing Youtube videos in the classroom so it is always nice to have various options to choose from when using video making tools. 

Image result for vimeoThe Basics of Vimeo include:    

  •          Ability to upload videos
  •          Share videos with family, friends and the world
  •          Connect with other people
  •          Explore using Vimeosphere
  •          Learn how to make better videos - vimeo school
  •          Free


The Basics of Youtube include:
  •       Create, upload and share videos Free of charge                                  
  •          Subscribe for tutorials and troubleshooting
  •          Create Playlists, add Channels and join Discussions           

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